Tour description

Rookie/to enjoy  5 tour package 299,-

What does connect us, bikers? We live in the wonderful nature. Experiencing all the beauties of the biggest Canary Island is a huge biker movie theatre. Breathtaking views accompanied by uncountable climate and zones of vegetation guarantee you an unforgettable bike tour. Do you have fun riding in the nature, the unison of mountains and like riding in the fresh air of mountains? After cycling uphills 500-800hm on well taken care of paths, of course we enjoy the Canarian delicacies.

All mountain/Single trail 5 tour package 349,-

The all mountain/single trail tour means a challenge for you in the uphill riding, but much fun and endorphin during the downhill. The trail is the target! Tenerife is offering countless sweet trails for every skill level. You are going to love it, when you get experience the flow. You can rock in countless turns, stages, rocks, gravels or pebbles as long as you want. We take you to the best spots on Tenerife! The highlight tour is the “long way down” with a 2300m descent back to the station, after which you cannot stop grinning! We decide about the tour schedule on a daily basis corresponding with the demand and the weather.

Enduro/Freeride 5 tour package 439,-

Free ride! Nothing can stop you! You love playing with the mountain riding your bike! To enjoy freedom and riding the trails without stress. That is freeride. Tenerife is your “playground” then! The trails are following each other like pearls on the string. The endorphin is flowing! Downhill for hours from the top of Spain’s highest mountain, or 1000hm Baranco trail in the Anaga mountains. The trails are never ending! Neither pushing the bike nor carrying it can stop you from getting to the best spots on Tenerife. After that you can do something you are never going to forget! We ride the majority of the height with our shuttle bus, but riding uphill 500hm may occur. Are you ready?